A service to show you care, when you can't be there.

Betterbox is a service for people living far away from friends & family. It becomes a channel for facilitating human contact, while making sure the receiver still maintains their independence. The service is meant to help share advice, provide support, and maintain contact over lengthy recovery times or serious illness.


We interviewed 10 people ranging in age from 24 to 75. We gave out cultural probes to six who lived alone. Some had been independent for years, while others had just recently started living independently.


We translated the stickies from the wall into documented artifacts, actions, and insights. From these we clustered into themes to observe patterns.


We returned to one of our participants to prototype the experience we were designing. We drew insights which led to iteration on the presentation, script, context, and contents of the box.

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Betterbox provides value for the people at both ends. The customer is able to channel their empathy through signing up a loved one for the service. There they can give practical gifts and empathetic notes, while knowing a real person is checking in on their friend. The receiver benefits from staying in contact with a person knowledgeable and sympathetic to their illness. The receiver is also able to let their friends and family know about their recovery in a passive way.


A physical prototype of the branded kit was made, as well as the website and emails that would be key touchpoints of the service.

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