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Beep Audio

Beep is a device that connects analog speakers to a digital streaming experience.

The startup, Beep Audio, was a client of NewDeal Design. As part of a small team, I helped design the user interface of the physical product and the mobile app that would interact with it.

Role Interaction Designer

Team 2 Interaction Designers, 2 Industrial Designers

Duration 3 months


Both the physical device and the mobile app needed to control some basic audio functions. The app would also control multiple Beep devices throughout a home and provide access to the music stream source (Pandora, Spotify, etc.).

Strategy diagram


Variations in the physical design needed new considerations for the interface. Two main directions emerged, a button controlled interface and a dial considered one. 

The interfaces of the physical device were sketched out to show different functionality. Final animations were created to show subtleties in the design, and demonstrate how they would interact with sound.

Interface sketches
Beep interface Copy

Users could choose the music source, and control which Beep hubs were playing music, through the phone app.

Music volume and song skipping could be controlled on the physical device or the phone, which lead to a careful consideration of how the app worked with a network of Beep devices, and their physical interface.

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Although the startup is no longer around, you can read about their launch here.

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