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Discovering companies through a category browse system.

CircleUp's mission is to connect entrepreneurs to funding. This means there are small companies that are raising funding rounds on the site, that investors can easily invest in. It is important that investors are able to browse and find companies they are interested in investing in.


I worked closely with the CEO and a full-stack engineer to design the new browse page. This meant assisting in product management, such as writing the PRD document, as well as ideating and creating visual designs for development. 


The goal was to reduce cognitive overhead and the paradox of choice that existed on the Browse Page. Metrics pulled helped us to understand that few people click after the third row in the browse page. The old design fails to accommodate for companies after the most recent 9.



The old browse existed from the beginning of CircleUp, when there were only a handful of companies raising on the platform. It became less accommodating when there were the current 200 companies.

Few users click past the third row on the Browse page. This accommodates only the newest 9 or so companies


The hypothesis was that by reducing unnecessary information and grouping companies into categories, investors would find more quickly the companies they were interested in. We judged this by an increase of dealroom joins & follows a company would receive. 


Working closely with engineering, I designed a browse page that would accommodate for our existing company cards while pushing forward a completely new filter & search tool. Part of the reason for the much larger search bar was due to feedback from multiple users over time who were unable to find our search functions.

The new browse design has only filters that were frequently used, and consolidated a couple of these into categories. Users can scroll horizontally through a company category, or by clicking "View All" see the entire category in a grid view.

The redesigned browse with categories was tested against the redesigned browse without categories. Metrics showed that without categories was doing better, and so the final direction was the updated design but without category grouping. There could be future opportunity to test certain variables affecting the category view (such as order, category types, etc.)


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